Industrial machinery


Maximus offers the manufacture of new oil and air coolers used in the cooling systems of compressors or the regeneration of existing ones. These heat exchangers are manufactured of cores produced using the NOCOLOK technology by applying a ‘plate and bar’ construction system which consists in sintering aluminium components (rods, plates and lamellas) in a controlled atmosphere and at a controlled temperature. The coolers produced are used in high pressure (maximum fluid pressure in the cooler of 20-30 bar) industrial cooling systems. They are thermally efficient, mechanically strong, corrosion-resistant and visually appealing.

So far, we have supplied new or regenerated oil coolers for compressors made by the following producers: ATLAS COPCO, ALUP, AIRPRESS, WALTER, KAESER, HYDRONOVA, COMPAIR, ADLER, CKD, FIAC, BOGE, GD, HITACHI, RENNER, HERTZ, LUPAMAT, SWAN, SCHNAIDER, ABAC, CALDER, AIRPOL, JOSVAL and many others.

We offer our buyers an option to extend the warranty period to 24 months.



Maximus manufactures and regenerates all industrial heat exchangers regardless of their size, parameters and coolant. We offer heat exchanges for cooling fluids in industrial machinery as well as mechanical and electrical equipment which produces significant amounts of heat, including:

  • equipment for the food industry
  • equipment for the processing industry
  • hydraulic equipment
  • machine tools
  • electricity generators and power units
  • ‘combi’ air conditioning systems
  • and the like.


We offer industrial heat exchangers for air cooling or heating equipment used in production buildings, warehouses, refrigeration plants, drying plants and other facilities in which the temperature and humidity must be kept within the appropriate ranges. Our heat exchangers are characterised by a high thermal capacity and a solid workmanship which translates into many years of reliable operation.