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The following terms should be understood as:

  1. Website” – website available under the domain;

  2. User” – natural person acting on his/her behalf, or on behalf of legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, but having legal capacity, granted by the statute, that uses Website by displaying the website available under the domain or by sending his/her data through the Contact Form placed on the Website, to gain detailed information about the Services provided by the Entrepreneur;

  3. Services” – e-mail return message, containing detailed information about Entrepreneur’s offer, you agree to receive by filling the Contact Form;

  4. User’s Device” or „Data Terminal Equipment” owned by the User telecommunications equipment device, such as: mobile phone, smartphone, computer, tablet or other mobile device with access to the Internet (telecommunications device intended for connection directly or indirectly to network termination).

What are Cookies, and how are they used?

Cookies are small text files, sent and saved by the Website on User’s Data Terminal Equipment, containing data about Website’s usage by User. Cookies are safe for User’s Device, they are used to help using the Website.

Information collected by Cookies helps User using the Website, allows memorize the User’s preferences, and affects improvement of quality of the Website, by making statistics, concerning visits on the Website, but also allows to adjust the Website to User’s needs.

Can Cookies be disabled?

If you do not want to have Cookies on your Data Terminal Equipment, they can be disabled. There is a chance that after disabling the Cookies, user won’t have access to some content on the Website, and using the Website may be less effective, using the Services also might be more difficult.

Limiting or disabling the Cookies usage can be made by changing the settings of internet browser.